The beer parade

12 beer styles - classics reinterpreted

From a total of 150 beer styles worldwide, we have selected the twelve best-known. Each month, we will present one of them with one beer in our monthly BeerParade. This is not always a classic. It can also be newly interpreted and refined, for example, with special hops or herbs and the like.

You can look forward again to some moments of special beer indulgence that we have in store for you this year.

You want to participate in the BeerParade 2022, but you don't always have the time to pick up your beer on the first of the month? No problem: we've got something for you: The annual beer subscription 2022.

Die wuchtige Wilma in unserem Spalter Hopfengarten
Nehme den Duft des Spalter Aromahopfens auf
Alle leckeren Biere an unserer ProBierBar

BeerSub 2022  12 months – 12 beers

Your BeerSubscription by pickup


Step 1: Choose the package

Step 2: Contact HopfenBierGut by phone or email & pre-order beer subscription & arrange pickup.

Step 3: Hand in completed and signed form at HopfenBierGut or send by mail - receive monthly beer, beer subscription pass & invoice

Step 4: Pay bill

Step 5: Pick up your monthly beer and just enjoy!

Step 6: At the end of the year - hand in your BeerSubPass and receive a surprise

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The ProBierStund
The ProBierStund

Experience our ProBierStund (TryBeerHour) - Our beer sommeliers have exciting topics ready for you. Always on the 1st Thursday of the month.

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The ProBierStund

Die Bierparade

Alle Biere von jetzt bis in die Vergangenheit

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