The Spalter beer sommeliers

Brand ambassadors with much pleasure in beer...

... Tasting, identifying, evaluating beer - a small part of the sommelier's daily routine! Our four beer sommeliers are true connoisseurs of the noble hop beverage and are happy to pass on their beer knowledge with great passion. From A for Ale to Z for Zwickel, they know everything about raw materials, beer production, beer tradition and, of course, which beer goes with which dishes, preferences and occasions.


You can also experience our beer sommeliers live, go on a journey of discovery with them. On a tour of the SpalterBeerWorld, a beer tasting in combination with beer & cheese, chocolate or beer & whisky. Here you can discover for yourself what goes best together or can complement each other.

Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude: ProBIERen Sie unser Bier und werden Sie Biersommelier.
Leidenschaft für Bier
Erfreulicher Anblick: Spalter Bier im Glas

Hier finden Sie unsere Angebote zu den verschiedensten Bierverkostungen mit einem unserer Biersommeliere oder einem Spalter Biermachern.

Hier geht es zu den Bierverkostungen!

Biersommelier im Hopfengarten
Aromen erkunden
Mit dem Bukanter lassen sich die Bieraromen besser differenzieren.

Our beer sommelieres are at your side with advice and support

We are happy to assist our gastronomy and trade partners. In the creation and maintenance of their beer menu and beer assortment. Sensory description of your beers and compilation of interesting food-beer pairings, training of your staff with sales and recommendation tips, beer care, serving tips, the right glass for the right beer.

What does a beer sommelier do?

Imparting beer knowledge at the highest scientific level. On the nose, light notes of cookie and red fruits, the color a bright copper red, plus a moussing mouthfeel. Anyone who thinks that this is the description of a wine expert is mistaken. For some time now, it has sounded like this, or very similar, in the assessment of another beverage: beer ...