The Beer Queen of Spalt

Johanna Merkenschlager


"Greetings from the beer town of Spalt, my name is Johanna Merkenschlager. I am 27 years old and
come from the small village of Hauslach six kilometers east of Spalt.
Here, in the middle of the hop hilly land of Spalt, is my home!"


"Here on my parents' farm, where they have been growing Spalter aroma hops for many generations,
I grew up. Of course, my siblings and I were always allowed to help diligently and
learned a lot about hops at an early age, especially that you need the hops for our "gouds" Spalter beer.

So "per se" the love for Spalter beer was placed in my cradle at an early age. The fascination for beer already has its roots in my childhood. So I am all the more pleased today in my term of office as your "Spalter beer queen and ambassador for our beer" to be able to pass on much of this "fascination of beer".

Spalter Beer Queen 2024 to 2026 Lea Schneck
Our beer queen at the table in hopfenbiergut
Our beer queen enjoys a light beer from a strong beer mug

Spalter beer is an inseparable part of Spalt due to a long tradition. This is not least thanks to the good hops from the Spalter growing area, which gives the beer its unique and characterful taste. Brewed according to the Purity Law and yet so versatile. The brewers of the municipal brewery love and master their craft, and you can taste it. If you want to follow the path of beer through the brewery, a guided tour of the brewery is just the thing for you. But also in the museum HopfenBierGut you can get to the bottom of the art of brewing and its ingredients in a very interactive way and experience it with all your senses. And where does a fresh Spalter beer taste better than in one of the many beer gardens and pubs or at a lake in the beautiful Franconian Lake District. The many festivals around Spalt and in the whole region invite you all year round to get to know and enjoy the Franconian way of life with a Spalter beer. Let your soul dangle, savour life and enjoy Spalter beer!

I look forward to welcoming you in Spalt!

See you soon in Spalt, Johanna Merkenschlager