Our Spalter Hop Queen


Lea Schüssel

Warm greetings from the oldest hop-growing region in the world. My name is Lea Schüssel and I am pleased to represent the Spalter hop-growing region as Hop Queen.

She also helps with the harvest
 She lives a lot of splitter tradition every day
 She looks forward to the hop harvest every year

Through the love for a hop farmer, the love for green gold arose and grew. In the urban area of Roth, we are the last agricultural holding with hop cultivation. Of course, this makes us very proud! And I would like to pass this on to the outside world, according to the motto "Once the hops scratch you, they won`t let you go!"

Professionally, I can be found at the Qualitätsfutterwerk (quality feed factory) in Windsbach as a sales representative. In my free time - as far as my royal duties will allow in the future - I help on my friend's farm.

Tying the wires, also called "aufvugln", is my personal highlight in the hop year. Because once this has begun, you know that now the work in the hop garden is finally starting again. At the beginning of September, it's time for "Hofenblodn" (hop picking). Here you can see the hard work that you have done during the year. Here, everyone tackles together and then lets the evenings end together and celebrates the fall at the end.

Kind regards Lea