15 October 2019 until the end of 2022

in the HopfenBierGut Museum in the Kornhaus
Who still knows me? A monument to the history of the town of Spalter.

Interesting, surprising and charming facts about the construction, operation and closure of the railway line between Georgensgmünd & Spalt.

Bierseminar Bilder
Bierseminar Bilder
Bierseminar Bilder

Previously unpublished visual material
Numerous collection items and models
The most beautiful anecdotes in dialect
Video clip from the drone perspective
Extensive supporting programme staged in the special exhibition
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Extensive supporting programme


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The Hop Railway Georgensgmünd - Spalt

History and stories about the Spalter Bockl by Ingo Ehrlich - in German language

Ingo Ehrlich has revived the Spalter Bockl on 133 pages in his newly published book. From the prehistory, planning and construction to the opening, operation and eventual closure, all the episodes are presented in an informative and exciting way, both textually and pictorially. Of course, stories, anecdotes and various events surrounding the glass box are also included. Inspired by the local history booklets of the Heimatverein Spalter Land e.V. "100 Jahre Spalter Eisenbahn 1872-1972" (100 Years of the Spalter Railway 1872-1972) by Willi Ulsamer, expanded by the time after 1972 and many other previously unpublished pictures and information, a book has been produced for all lovers of the Spalter Bock and its Spalter history as well as for all those interested in railways. The book is now available in the museum shop in the HopfenBierGut.

Neuerscheinung - das Buch von Ingo Ehrlich

Get on board for the last ride of our Spalter Bockl

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