Great family feelings

Holidays - for you, for the family

Relax, switch off, enjoy. A holiday in Spalt means: having time. Time for yourself, time for the family. You will find this time on the hiking trails, in the shade of a tree, on the jetty by the lake, with your host, over a fine ice cream - or wherever. Open eyes and an alert sense for the country and its people, and the hour regains its duration, the day its meaning.

Our child-friendly beaches invite you
Our popular family villages invite you to vacation
Our adventure forest offers over 10 stations for young and old
Family experiences

Look around with the eyes of a child: Cherry slopes, apple orchards, trees with walnuts and peaches. Cakes, ice cream and wonderful "Schäufele", dumplings, salads and ice cream again. Water, meadows, forests. Mysterious castles, stories, legends. Warm holes, cold holes. Pedal boats, slides, birds, fish, butterflies. And those who are already sooo big can go to the adventure forest.


Clear the ring for the heroes of the forest peaks.



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Spalter Barefoot Delight Trail

Enjoy nature barefoot

Our popular circular path embedded in nature, between Stockheim and Enderndorf am See is a real pleasure. Different ground coverings, such as natural stone slabs, gravel, sand, glass, cherry stones and hop vines, offer a natural foot reflex zone massage, are good for the blood circulation and, above all, it is really a lot of fun!

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Spalter Barfoot Delights Trail
Spalter Barfoot Delights Trail
Spalter Barfoot Delights Trail