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Opening hours

Opening hours

Actually we are closed until 1st March 2022


It’s an interactive, exciting museum about hop and beer culture in the municipal town of Spalt, south to Nuremberg. Located in Franconia (a district of Bavaria) in the area with the highest rate of breweries worldwide. The museum shows the deep links hop and beer left behind and still last in Spalt’s architecture, history, culture, events and even cuisine.

What do I need hop for and what is so special about Spalt and its hop?

Hops are cultivated and needed for brewing beer for two main reasons: As an aroma ingredient giving beer its bitter taste and by making it non-perishable. In Germany its addition is required by purity law since 1516.

Spalt was the first city that sealed its hop in order to protect it from forgery and soon it became a sign of highest quality and standard. Beside this it’s the incomparable flavour of our ‘Spalt Spalter’ hop cones that are appreciated not only by the last municipal brewery in Germany, Stadtbrauerei Spalt, but also by breweries throughout the world!

This and much more can be explored at the museum, such as the three-dimensional city map, the panorama cinema, the walk-in brew kettle, the aroma station and the media beer table.

The museum shop offers carefully selected, regional products made from hops and beer and related to Spalt.

Furthermore beside the HopfenBierGut museum, the local tourist information can be found at the Kornhaus (granary) and will inform you about activities in Spalt and the Franconian Lake District.

It gets exciting when you lend a hand to brew beer on your own or take part in beer seminars!

In addition, we enable you to rent the historic Kornhaus as a conference venue for company events or private celebrations with a unique flair.

Particularly suitable for groups and bus trips either with or without guided tours.

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Spalter Brewing Workshop

Our brewing workshop takes you into the exciting world of beer!

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We offer unforgettable moments in Spalt and the Museum HopfenBierGut.

Current Special exhibition ‘Spalter Bockl'

Current Special exhibition ‘Spalter Bockl'


Calendar of events, beery events and more at HopfenBierGut

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Die genussvolle Hopfen- & Bierstadt Spalt

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