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An exciting, interactive museum about hop and beer culture

Die Welt des Hopfens
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Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Wednesday - Sunday

10:00 - 17:00


Explore our worlds of experience, such as the three-dimensional city map, the panorama cinema, the walk-in brew kettle, the aroma station and the media beer table.

In our museum store you will find lovingly selected regional products related to hops and beer.

In addition to the culinary enjoyment of beer, the Tourist Information in the Kornhaus (granery) will inform you about activities in Spalt and the Franconian Lake District.

It will be exciting when you try your hand at brewing beer yourself or take part in beer seminars.

In addition, we make it possible for you to rent the historic Kornhaus as a conference venue for company events or private celebrations with a special flair.

Especially suitable for groups and bus tours.

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Everything about your visit in Spalt.

Opening hours, entrance fees, directions and useful information material.

Spalter Brewing Workshop

Our brewing workshop takes you into the exciting world of beer!

For groups

We offer unforgettable moments in Spalt and the museum HopfenBierGut.

Current Special exhibition ‘Spalter Bockl'

Current Special exhibition ‘Spalter Bockl'


Beery events with that certain something more.

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We are there for you from Wednesday to Sunday.

Current videos from Spalt

Die genussvolle Hopfen- & Bierstadt Spalt

Die genussvolle Hopfen- & Bierstadt Spalt

1 von 100 Genussorten in Bayern
Erleben & Schmecken in Spalt Teil 1

Erleben & Schmecken in Spalt Teil 1

Kulinarische Überaschungen
Erleben & Schmecken in Spalt Teil 2

Erleben & Schmecken in Spalt Teil 2

Isch guat...